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We recognize that the issues our veterans face in the civilian world are complex. Whether that is job stress, isolation, family matters, anxiety, depression, or PTSD, we want to provide a safe place to come and talk about it with peers who can relate. Our goal is to utilize these groups to rediscover connection and purpose to foster reintegration into their families and community and promote healing.

Our veterans’ families face unique challenges, both while the family member was in the service and now that they are out. Our groups focus on daily struggles the family members face, as well as successes. We want to encourage the family members to utilize self care and prioritize their mental health and well being in order to increase understanding and healing in the family. Our Family/Support group is made up of spouses, parents, siblings, children, or caretakers of veterans.

Our first responders face challenges on a daily basis, both in the field and then having to adjust to their time spent with family and friends. The crises they face on the job can have unexpected effects including anxiety, depression, insomnia, substance use, and relationship struggles. We want to provide a safe space to connect with other first responders that may be experiencing similar circumstances.

We believe that having a safe environment to address the issues that you may be facing is vital to recovery. We promote that by building supportive relationships with our clients based on trust. Whether your current struggles are dealing with ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger, addiction, grief, relationships or family issues, we want to walk alongside you and help you move forward. By understanding your thoughts, feelings, and patterns occurring throughout your life, you can gain deeper insight into decision making in your future. We offer counseling to ages 5+.

When trauma affects one part of the couple, it tends to affect the other and the connection between the two of them as well. We want to work with you on strengthening the mutual resilience of the couple and work through current concerns.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to family upheaval including communication and lack of connection. We want to meet the family where they are and be able to find a common goal to work toward healing and moving forward.

Are you struggling to move forward in your life, work, or relationships? Is it difficult to make decisions on what to do next? Need strategies for navigating your career, marriage, or parenting? Life coaching provides support and accountability as you define your goals and take steps towards achieving them.

One of our goals is to connect with the greater East Texas community and all of the local organizations that support veterans, first responders, and medical workers as well. If we can’t provide what is needed, we want to be able to connect you with someone that can.

Our groups are made of individuals from diverse backgrounds but similar experiences, allowing them to relate in ways others can’t. When you come to a group, you hear about the struggles others experience as well as the successes.

Counseling sessions are client centered. Your counselor will discuss with you what your goals are and work with you to achieve them. We use a variety of techniques to best suit the individual and encourage our clients to ask questions to better understand.

Childcare is provided during our veteran & family/supporter groups. Childcare is not provided during counseling sessions at this time. We do provide counseling sessions for children over the age of 5.

To qualify for our services, you must be a veteran, first responder, medical worker, or family member or close supporter (significant other, roommate, etc.) of one of the above.

We currently accept BCBS, Aetna, Cigna, & Optum. We will continue to add more insurance panels in the future. We also offer cash pay, and sliding fee scale.

Nothing that you share in session will be shared with anyone without your permission, barring being a danger to yourself or someone else, reporting child or elder abuse, or answering subpoenas in legal cases. In our groups, we make it clear that what is said in group stays in group aside from the exceptions listed above which would be addressed by the group leader.